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Unique Valentine Gift Idea's

The place is awash with hearts and roses - more of the same for Valentines Day!

As you know, here at Green Envy Living we like to think outside the box, be a bit clever with gift ideas and bring you a range of unique gifts something to make you smile!  So, if you're stuck for a gift for her or a gift for him this Valentines, cast your eye over these novel gift ideas!

Ogham Wishes - Say "Love" in three different ways!

Well this says it all, beautifully hand inscribed in the ancient Ogham language  - it reads Love and is translated below into modern Irish and English.  Traditionally inscribed on standing stones and found throughout Ireland and England.  However, you don't have to be of Celtic origin to fall in love with these framed pieces.  They're stunning dark lines are classic, simple almost architectural design with a look of oriental in style.

Find out more about the Ogham Wishes here

A play on the Classic Idiom "Time Flies when I'm with you" ... ah, well what a lovely reminder this clock could be!  Entitled "Time Flies" it comes in Timber, White and Grey.  Get creative with your romantic expression this year and think outside the box!

Finally, if you are planning on creating a romantic evening with your loved one, such an event would not be complete without candle light.  So why not give the eco option a go, these delightful soy tealight candles are beautifully handcrafted in Melbourne.  They come in a set of 6 and there are three different collections to choose from!


Back in Stock!

With the kids back to school it feels well and truly that the new year as swung back into action!  We're delighted to say that we are back in stock of the following items!  They proved popular last year and we think they will be trending high again this year!


The Fig Pendant Lightshade in Ivory, Orange & Yellow

The Allium Lampshade

Looking for the perfect baby gift?  Look no further than these fabulous gift ideas, perfect for new mums baby shower.

Truzee Baby Milestone Cards

Foxford Baby Blankets, pure new lambswool they are soft and simply gorgeous!


My Green Christmas Gift Adventure

My Green Christmas Gift Shopping Journey

Santa Clause went shopping for the Green Envy Living Elves this week.  It was needless to say a totally exhausting experience!  Once again, I was baffled and frustrated by the amount of plastic and cheap and nasty toys that are available in the mainstream shops.

What a pleasant surprise I got when I actually discovered the lovely “Green Toys” available in my local Baby Bunting Store!  They are also available in several Australian online stores site for details.

These charming toys are all made from 100% recycled plastic.  They are save, non-toxic, BPA-Free and even meet the FDA food contact standards and are also dishwasher safe.  My eldest already had the seaplane and loved it , and in an effort to minimise bath time fights, my youngest will be receiving the Green Toy Airplane!

Airplane Green Toy

I always like to buy my boys books for Christmas.  This year, I decided to forget about the big book shops and grabbed myself some cool bargains from my local charity Endeavour Store.  Endeavour support people with a disability to live in their family home and support them in the community.  These books were in perfect condition!


This is always a tricky one my teenage nephews!  These are the boys that have everything!  Except, Organic fertilizer, chickens and two ducks!   Which they won’t actually get, but have donated via moi and Australia to someone who really does need them – It’s a bit of a feel good gift to give! 



Images from the Care Gifts Australia shop

To help them get organised for their final year in school, I also threw in a few Klip notice boards (made from recyclable polypropylene)

Finally, my all time favourite of most versatile “gift for her”.  This suits everything from a Thank You, Welcome to your new House, Thanks for inviting me to your home, Kris Kindle, Secret Santa, Teacher gift, just because for my mum, the list goes one – it’s the lovely Soy Tealight Candle Gift Set!  They’re just so cute, so handy, so useful and so green!  Best of all, they’re only $10 so everyone gets one from me!

These are just a few of my last minute gifts; hope you are all sorted for Christmas now.  If possible try and think Green!


What’s your favourite wish

To celebrate our Ogham Wishes Sale we are running a fun poll!  All regular size Ogham Wishes now only $39 each for the Month of April.  There are six regular size Ogham Wishes available at Green Envy Living "Peace" "Health", "love", "Family", "Friendship" and "Happiness"

Each wish is hand written on handmade paper and inscribed in Ogham (the ancient Britannic Language) Then translated into modern Irish & English, all designed and made in Ireland!

So - What is your favourite Wish? And whom would you wish it for?

Ogham Wish trio Health Love Peace

Find out more about Ogham art Styles and designs 


Fathers Day Gift Idea’s

Dad’s can be tricky to buy for at the best of times!  

We’ve selected some unique Father’s Day Gift ideas to help you this September 1st

with gifts for your dads and granddads!



The Sentimental Gift idea

What would you wish for your dad? Love? Happiness? Health? Peace? Friendship? Family? Or all of the above!


Ogham Wish trio Health Love Peace

The Ogham Wishes are a beautiful sentiment to show how much you care and love your dad.  These “Wishes” are hand inscribed on handmade paper and framed in a simple black frame.  While, Celtic in origin, you don’t have to be Celtic to appreciate these award winning pieces with universal charm! They’d look great for his office, library or snug!

There is a variety of Ogham (pronounced O-Am) Wishes to choose from

Love, Happiness, Health, Peace, Friendship or Family.
They come in two sizes, regular $45 or long $60. 

Wishes are stunning on their own or grouped in a set of two or three together.



For the Dad with a Sense of Humour

These quirky clocks are full of charm and personality, guaranteed to bring a smile to the dial!  We have Wendy, our Cuckoo Clock, the great, great Grandaughter of an old Swiss Cuckoo Clock.  This cheeky bird will keep him from feeling blue!  Or how about the master of clocks for the master of the house – The Grandfather Clock. This guy is full of wit and charm!


Brighten up his man cave with a splash of colour!
To find these and other father day gift ideas start your shopping here!

What is Ogham?

Ogham is an ancient alphabet used primarily to write the old Irish and Brythonic languages. It dates from the first century BC.  There are roughly 400 surviving Ogham Inscriptions on stone monuments throughout Ireland and Western Britain.

From a design perspective, why is it beautiful?  Well if you love sharp elongated lines, there is a geometric beauty in its simplicity. There is a wonderful historical perspective of how it was formed etching each letter on stone with a sharp instrument.

Ogham Wish has taken this ancient writing to design beautiful pieces of art with a modern twist. Each inscription relates to a wish or a blessing and is hand painted in Ogham, on handmade paper.  All pieces are framed and have a translation in Modern Irish & English underneath.  The most popular wishes are "Happiness", "Peace", "Love" 

{mojoshop id = 97, images = 1:350:350, name=1, price=1}

We think they make the perfect gift for so many events be it weddings, births, new homes etc. Available in regular size $45 and long $60.  They look cool on their own or grouped in threes!

Now available in Australia from Green Envy Living!


Tick Tock!

We are very exited to be launching a new designer here at Green Envy Living. Jenny Walsh wowed the London design scene with her fun and quirky clocks!

Graduating with a first class honours degree in Interior & Furniture Design, Dublin born Jenny Walsh launched her furniture range at London Design Week back in 2009. Since then she has gone from strength to strength.

Noted for her ability to observe the moment in time and translate that moment into design. Her whimsical yet elegant range of clocks really does add a sparkle to the home!

Take this little Birdy - she's Wendy, The Great, Great Grandaughter of an old Swiss Cuckoo Clock!

Then there is the Grandfather Clock, like any Grandfather, this old gentleman is full of charm! Ready to bring character to any home!

Well we all feel this at times when we look at the clock - "What is that the time?"

Time Flies - A palyful interpretation of the Idiom Time flies when your having fun! I love this little clock with it's wing arms to tell the time!

We have one of the lovely Cuckoo Clocks to give away! Just head over to our Facebook Page you'll see the competition tab & Enter!

If you can't wait and want one now! Head over to our Shop!

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