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New Organic Changing Mat covers

Delighted to be introducing these organic change mat covers by Econino Nursery to our product range.  Designed and made in Australia from Organic cotton, they look great and tick every box for us!

The come in red, green or navy stripes.  I can't tell you how delighted I was when I actually received them.  They are one of those amazing products that just look great in the pictures but actually exceeded my expectations when I saw them fore real!  It's amazing the transformation my little boys room got simply by putting one of these change mat covers over the changing mat!

Were not the only ones who love them!  While researching I found this lovely review by Love It Do It, a super blog by an inspiring lady Cassandra Michelin.  The image below is from her review.



Instagram Giveaway - Baby Milestone Cards

We’re very exited to be launching our first Instagram giveaway!  It’s quick and easy and the prize is a unique baby gift, a beautiful Baby Milestone Gift box of your choice (pink or blue).  If you don't already follow us, you can find us @greenenvyliving

What’s all the hullabaloo?  We are delighted to now be able to distribute these perfect baby gifts to other retailers in Australia, so even more lucky mummies and daddies can “mark the moments most don’t!”  These baby milestone cards are unique; they celebrate the uncelebrated milestones in life!

Truzees Baby Milestone Cards were one of those products that we fell in love with the story behind them as well as the product!   It goes with out saying, the fact that they are printed on recycled paper, with environmentally friendly inks, and are packaged in a custom designed, handmade and screen printed wooden keepsake box, is a huge plus for us!

Here’s the story!

Designed by Angela Mahon, a progressive Irish designer, who in 2009 while completing her fourth year of studies, became a mother herself.  Her passion for both branding and design naturally progressed into designing baby gift products for her own brand.  What really hit a note for us was that she has highlighted some fantastic unconventional pivotal moments, which I as a mum of two rowdy boys totally relate to!  While learning to crawl, first words are all very important; it is so worthwhile remembering some of the epic events that these baby milestone cards pick out!

Here are some the Truzees Baby Milestones that my youngest boy has reached in the last year!  They have brought tears and laughter!

“Drew All Over something I shouldn’t have with a pen”


For this my son selected a permanent market from my office drawer, while daddy was in charge, I came home to find my young impressionist had tagged every available surface upstairs to a height of one and half feet!  I mean everything, walls, duvets covers, drawers, bathroom vanity, doors you name it he drew on it!

“I’m Sorry”

Baby-Milestone-Cards-GiftThis still melts my heart, he sort of says it with a lisp and bows his head knowingly!

“Thumbs Up”


Bless, he thinks he’s so cool just like his big brother, but he hasn’t quiet figured out yet that it’s not the index finger you stick up for a thumbs up!

“The first time he said No”


Well this one he mastered, and it very quickly became his favourite word as he reinforces his authority around the house!  His first time was a refusal of food!

These were my favourite, and he still has a few more to go!  The second child often doesn’t get as many things recorded as the first.  The Truzees Baby Milestones were great for this.  Don’t just take my word for it, here’s a few links to what other people have thought of them!

Find out more here.


My Green Christmas Gift Adventure

My Green Christmas Gift Shopping Journey

Santa Clause went shopping for the Green Envy Living Elves this week.  It was needless to say a totally exhausting experience!  Once again, I was baffled and frustrated by the amount of plastic and cheap and nasty toys that are available in the mainstream shops.

What a pleasant surprise I got when I actually discovered the lovely “Green Toys” available in my local Baby Bunting Store!  They are also available in several Australian online stores site for details.

These charming toys are all made from 100% recycled plastic.  They are save, non-toxic, BPA-Free and even meet the FDA food contact standards and are also dishwasher safe.  My eldest already had the seaplane and loved it , and in an effort to minimise bath time fights, my youngest will be receiving the Green Toy Airplane!

Airplane Green Toy

I always like to buy my boys books for Christmas.  This year, I decided to forget about the big book shops and grabbed myself some cool bargains from my local charity Endeavour Store.  Endeavour support people with a disability to live in their family home and support them in the community.  These books were in perfect condition!


This is always a tricky one my teenage nephews!  These are the boys that have everything!  Except, Organic fertilizer, chickens and two ducks!   Which they won’t actually get, but have donated via moi and Australia to someone who really does need them – It’s a bit of a feel good gift to give! 



Images from the Care Gifts Australia shop

To help them get organised for their final year in school, I also threw in a few Klip notice boards (made from recyclable polypropylene)

Finally, my all time favourite of most versatile “gift for her”.  This suits everything from a Thank You, Welcome to your new House, Thanks for inviting me to your home, Kris Kindle, Secret Santa, Teacher gift, just because for my mum, the list goes one – it’s the lovely Soy Tealight Candle Gift Set!  They’re just so cute, so handy, so useful and so green!  Best of all, they’re only $10 so everyone gets one from me!

These are just a few of my last minute gifts; hope you are all sorted for Christmas now.  If possible try and think Green!


Mark the Moments Most Don't

Introducing a wonderful new baby gift idea, Truzees Baby Milestone Cards. These are an unconventional collection of milestone cards designed to allow busy moms to mark the moments most don't!

These are fun, functional and true to life, not only that but they are also printed on recycled paper.  A collection of 12 illustrated baby milestone cards that celebrate the uncelebrated pivotal moments in the early years of life!

Truzee Milestone boy  Girl Cards

My favourite one is:

"The first time I drew all over something I shouldn't have with pen!"

baby milestone cards boy writing

These were the brainchild of Angela Mahon, the owner and designer of Truzees, as a mother herself; she knew how hard it was to keep track of all the wonderful moments in the early years.

The cards come in a wonderful wooden keepsake box. We fell in love with them as soon as we saw them!

Available now from the Green Envy Living Shop for $24.95.

The perfect baby shower gift for the mum to be!


Boutique Kindy Linen

I came across Red Berry Threads at the Mama Markets in Mudgeeraba market on the Gold Coast. I was so impressed with their products, I had to share it with you all! Red Berry Threads specialise in Boutique Kindy Linen.

If any of my readers have children attending Kindy or daycare you will be familiar with the stackable bed systems they use for children's naps. Red Berry Threads have created a beautiful collection of bespoke fitted sheets and top sheets that are tailor made for the stackable bed system. They come in a beautiful array of patterns, are all 100% cotton, manufactured in Australia and if that wasn't enough, each little set come with a matching little storage bag.

It's so easy for your little ones to identify their sheets and pack them away.

Red Berry Threads are also investigating making sets for cots and toddler beds! So, to keep up to date with their movements check out their Facebook page

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