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posted February 18,2014 By Green Envy Living
Australian Designers Life InStyle Sydney

I’m just back from a wonderful design filled weekend in Sydney!  February is the month that designer homewares take over Sydney with major trade fairs including Life in Style, Reed Gift Fairs and the Home and Giving Fairs all happening with in the space of a week!

My favourite by far is the boutique show Life in Style.  There were so many fabulous Australian designers here, many of them to my delight are designing and manufacturing in Australia!  A rare thing these days!  I’m going to have share with you my fav finds at the show over a series of blogs!  Starting with Artwork!  Artwork is a key element in Interior Design and one of the most important homeware purchases.

The designers featured today include Urban Road, Amber and Me, Rachel Kennedy Designs and Lumiere Art & Co.

Indigo Deer Urban Road from The Block

Urban Road was one of the first stalls I visited.  If you’re a fan of The block you may have seen one of Suzi’s prints, “Indigo Deer” above featured when Alisa and Lysandra’s won the bedroom stage.  Now, I have to admit, I am going through a deer and antler phase at the moment, so I found this print particularly appealing.  Even with its water splashes, that Suzi pointed out, I thought it only added to the piece.  It reminded me of the deer I would see on the hills south of Dublin, standing amongst the heather staring through the misty rain!

Cushions and prints by Urban Road

All of Urban Roads canvas art prints are bright and colourful and she has a coordinating rane of scatter cushions.  It's a brilliant and easy solution to add colour to a room.  The canvas prints are beautifully finished and reasonably priced – a winner in my book!  

Next on the list was Rachel Kennedy Designs Rachel first came on my radar via Instagram.  The collection includes wall art prints, greeting cards, gift wrap and gift tags.  Colour plays a huge role in her work and her water colour gift tags are just stunning.  At Rachel Kennedy Designs, the ethos is similar to my own, everything is printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper and even her wall art prints are framed with frames made in Australia.  The Wall art prints come in A3 and A4 sizes and really draw you in, with their message.  I loved “Love you to the Moon and Back” and “Every Love Story is Beautiful but ours is my Favourite”.  You can see her delecate use of colour and watercolour are consistant throughout.


Rachel Kennedy Gift Tags watercolourRachel Kennedy Gift cards


Above Gift Tags and Cards

Rachel Kennedy Wall ArtI love you to the moon and back Rachel Kennedy



Amber and Me are two graphic designers who have a great range of graphic pieces including cushions, tea towels, cards, t-shirts and table runners.  My favourite is their artwork, which is screen-printed on ply.  I think ply is a great under utilised medium and I love the simple graphic designs Amber and Me use and how they contrast on the ply.  I was met the girls last year at Life In Style, and was dying to take them on, but alas, they are not distributing to online stores, so I shall have to wait till we open a retail store on the Sunshine Coast!  Their website gives a full list of their stockists - Amber and Me

Me and Amber Ply artwork

Finally Lumiere Art and Co

There is currently a big trend on the revival of the doily.   I’ve been following this trend avidly, ever since I had to explain to my husband the appearance of the red doily on the table of our favourite restaurant.  It hardly seems imaginable, these items used to clutter up every sideboard and available space in nearly everyone’s granny’s home!  I used to think they were such dust collectors.  However, a new bred have artist have taken their form and given them a revived lease of life.    Emma’s collections tastefully applies these patterns onto cushions and handprints them to become stunning art pieces.  Everything is carefully mastered in Emma’s work, even the fringing used on her cushions are hand died.  They are exquisite!

Luminere and co Wall Art

Yellow Cushion Luminere art And Co

printed artwork luminere and co

Images are all from designers website except for Image 1 which was sourced from The Block Shop

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