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Gifts for Her

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Five Top Gifts for Mothers Day

Five Top Gifts for Mothers Day

May 01,2013 in Gifts for Her

Blue & Gold Cushion Reduced from $45 - $30 Limited Edition Prints "Sea of Feathers" in cornflower & "Murmer" in night by Fawn - $75 Camden Peony Cushion, by Ian Mankin - $80 "Tilt Tealight" by Klickity in Alderwood & Acrylic - $24.50 Our Favourite because every mother deserves lots…

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What would you wish for?

What’s your favourite wish

April 15,2013 in Gifts for Her

To celebrate our Ogham Wishes Sale we are running a fun poll!  All regular size Ogham Wishes now only $39 each for the Month of April.  There are six regular size Ogham Wishes available at Green Envy Living "Peace" "Health", "love", "Family", "Friendship" and "Happiness" Each wish is hand written…

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Now that's a little box clever!

Now that's a little box clever!

February 12,2013 in Gifts for Her

Don't you just love when some great things in life just get better! I love the handprinted pieces by "Fawn" but just check out the packaging - just beautiful!  Each framed print comes in a gorgeous gift box!   Perfect present to give or a “just a present for me”!…

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